Their are 3 different days. They take you under 10 minutes a day. Blaine did Day 1 for 5 weeks starting at 50 lbs then developed Day 2 Day 3 for face head neack more biceps snd forearms and more.Then start with Day 1 again. Just 400 steps, under 4 blocks. You want it, need it, so do it.
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FIXES CRAP Top 10 List
      Obesity Heart Attack Prone
Obama, OBESITY Epidemic
AMA Obesity is disease
       GOD SAID maintain Body as Temple
God said barefoot Ex 3:5
Jokes makes you want it.

How much weight do you want to lose? Are you ready? Tone up get rid of muscle atophy. Look better naked.

This is a NEW method, You NEED to TRY IT TO FEEL, and SEE IT. So we are giving a 90 day money back guarantee.  YOU WILL love IT. Read, Watch the Videos and TRY IT.

Think of the Time you will save Think of your naked body, Think of  older ages.

Www.HybridWeightedWalk.Com    1 to 10 minutes maximum  You can do that. NOW A FASTER WAY IS HERE FOR ALL OF US.Thats why its called HybridWeightedWalk.Com  

   Who wants to live longer older than we are now ? What are we lacking physically like back when they lived long lives there muscles were maintained firm, tone. Who wants to lose weight, lose fatness, muscle atrophy is the other body problem, firm up restore their body muscles, look better naked ? Listen being fat or fatness, what do you get ?  Heart problems and projected shorter lives.That is our biggest killer, And why do you rehab muscle atrophy after you take a cast off an arm or leg and don't rehab ta senior muscle atrophy body ? BOTH ARE MUSCLE ATROPHY. Time for a change.

  The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT RULED BLOOD PRESSURE A CORRECTABLE SITUATION with fitness, and diet, and really so is diabetics, Plus there are some articles of people who have overcome a lot of different sicknesses on web, buy few do it cause it takes too long. NOW A FASTER WAY IS HERE FOR ALL OF US.

   Think of it as Restoring your precious body. OH YES YOU CAN, Because the Supreme Court ruled blood pressure a correctable situation with fitness and diet.

   Fatness what do you get You get a shorter LIFE, YOU DIE FASTER FAT.

  You knew something faster, with everything your body needs, or wants to lose weight, restores or builds your muscles, was going to come around. Its simple but is like how it was back when people lived longer lives, older ages Just waking and carrying weight with different holds, Hold ON

         Read this question why do we rehabilitate muscle atrophy weakness after we take a cast off but we don't rehabilitate the senior citizens complete body. BOTH ARE WEAKENED MUSCLES. Things take too long or don't work well.

         READY Men and Women of all ages, You want to look better naked, lose weight, firm up sagging muscle weakness atrophy. Especially seniors and cure obesity,have more pep, energy, and have less sicknesses. Heart problems is the biggest killer and Type 2 diabetic is up  there.

BUT exercises aren't working well or take too long because Fatness was declared an epidemic by President Obama, and declared A disease by the AMA, Then our seniors weakened muscles, that if where ll firmed up you would predict, or bet they  would live longer.

   IT IS TIME WE DID JUST THAT, thus we would live to our full potential as HUMAN beings being all they can be PHYSICALLY ALL thru life. OUR FULL POTENTIAL.

  AND IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD , AND THE BIBLE Read the God page in index. It gives verses on what God said on How old we are to be 120 years in Gen 6:3 In, John 2:21 Maintain your body like a Temple.We aren't maintaining  our muscles they are getting muscle weakness atrophy, Nor are we maintaining our pot bellys. Psalms 90:10 Moses said live to 70 or 80. This is where we are at. We have weakened body muscles We are lacking maintained body muscles plus fatness both causing us to not live to 120 years. Read Deut 34:7 Moses lived to 120 and was natural force not abated.

It can be done in modern history 1 person lived to 122 years old. Jean CalMont  in the Guiness book of records.

Something New is here Now. Watch the video and you will agree it looks real natural and really simple and easy. BUT IT GIVES YOU, AND  YOUR PREC[OUS BODY WHAT IT 1 to 10 min maximum. That makes it fastest, 2 to 10 times faster, so its easiest, best. Update your body. .Videos on video page in index. Note Blaine flexes his ody around 3 minutes and starts hybridweightedwalk about 5 minutes in the video.



Why do we rehabilitate, or fix the weakened muscles after you take a cast off a broken leg or arm, BUT WE DO NOT REHABILITATE, OR FIX MUSCLE WEAKENED, MUSCLE ATROPHY IN THE SENIOR CITIZENS BODY. BOTH ARE MUSCLE WEAKNESS, MUSCLE ATROPHY. WE THINK IS BECAUSE TODAYS WEIGHTLIFTING TAKES TOO LONG, OR IS TOO HARD, OR TAKES SPECIAL EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT, AND  OR TRIPS TO THE GYM. Old age , longer life, losing weight, . Where's the care, we just keep getting muscle weakness, not maintaining our muscle force, strength. Really our Muscles are sick, disabled, a disaster TIME FOR THIS CHANGE. If people were firmed up versus the way the obituary page looks naked, you would predict they live to older ages. Back when people lived to older ages, they did more things manually before the engine, car, wheels, roads, and back packs, and other technology. When they did carry stuff alot of the time it was similar to HybridWeightWalk.Com

Come on people toned. firmed up muscles burn more calories even when you sleep, It raises you metabolism. Plus it lowers your, cholesterol, Greatly helps reduce arthritis pain and its preventive maintenance against a lot. Its preparing your self for older ages You can lose a lot of weight too.

   ITS like a fight to live to older ages. Illness and sickness are winning with muscle atrophy, which sounds like you are getting a trophy for getting weaker. TIME FOR A CHANGE.  You would predict if people were in better shape of the 5500 hundred that die a day ALOT OF THEM WOULD LIVE TO OLDER AGES. Things aren't working or take too long to get us in shape. TOO MUCH WORK IN  THE WORKOUT. Time for a change 1 to 10 minute max Www.HybridWeightedWalk.Com

  Give your body security, defense, get it maintained in muscles, and back in condition, shape. Just 1 to 10 minutes a day maximum.

JUST DO IT. If you got yourself in good condition physically, like people were back when people lived older ages, then you would have less sicknesses, less diabetics type 2, less heart problems, less colds, less arthritis pain, less illnesses, LOSE WEIGHT YOU WANT TOO, AND MOST WOULD LIVE TO OLDER AGES.

YOU wouldn't use your health insurance as much. PERIOD, IF YOU WERE IN BETTER CONDITION.. All rise to better condition for older ages. Then we will be living to more of what we can be.


HybridWeightWalk is 2 TO 10 Times faster, which makes it easier, and best.

IF YOU got your bodies in better physically condition, most would have less sicknesses, live longer, and would not use your health insurance so much.

    You understand that humans are not living to all they can be physically, or to our Full potential, TO OLDER  AGES. MAIN REASON IS, out of fitness, obese,  fat, muscle weakness, also called muscle atrophy, whimpy, frail, partially disabled because loss of muscle power, hobbling seniors, 

    It's mostly about time in life, 24 hours saying a lot I don't have TIME, living to older ages is time, many hours on your clock. 1 to 10 minutes maximum is time and money saver to get that body you want for longer life. You want it and NEED IT. All rise to better condition for longer older ages.

   See US SUPREME COURT ruled blood pressure a correctable situation with fitness and exercise. You have great Most everything in the world LOOK AT Ships, buildings, machines, etc, but our bodies at older ages, and a lot during life are SHAMEFUL. LIKE WRECKS. AND DIE DEAD,  wishing, praying they would have been in better condition to avoid many health problems if in better condition

1 )   Do you think most, or a lot of people would be living longer lives in better condition physically ? Picture them the way they died naked. Then picture them firmed up in their muscles. Who lives longer the firmed up ones you predict.

2 ) AGAIN WE ASK,  WHY DO WE rehabilitate the muscle weakened, OR MUSCLE  atrophy in the arm or leg after you take a cast off,

     But we do not rehabilitate or fix the senior weakened muscle atrophy in their body ? If you were in better fitness condition you would prevent a lot of sicknesses, problems of heart problems, diabetes, pains, colds and alot more.

3 )   Back  when people lived longer lives, before the engine, car, machines, they did ALOT MORE things manually like  1 to 10 minute of HybridWeightWalk.Com to stay in good condition.

 That's like 2 to 10 times faster than any other methods saving you TIME AND MONEY. Actually they did not have back packs, a lot of time it was like this. Www.HybridWeigtWalk.Com  IT is all you need.  That's the fastest with everything you need, FOR  YOUR PRECIOUS  SHAPE, ASSET YOUR BODY  FITNESS.  Time to heal, maintain, remodel, update your body make them as smart as your brains, and all your great buildings The building you live from your body. See it. Prevent a lot of health problems being in better physical condition.

4 ) The obituary page, muscle weakened, also called muscle atrophy, and obesity causing shortened lives, and many other health problems.

THATS NOT RIGHT. Most all would predict that if the seniors muscle weakened atrophy muscles were toned, firmed up, compared to what they are when they die, that a lot would HAVE LIVED LONGER LIVES. Why aren't they firmed, toned  up with their muscles, maintained. ? We think that they don't firm up because it is TOO HARD, OR TIME CONSUMING with  todays, weightlifting and other methods. It takes minimum 20 minutes to 60 minutes to 2 hours for good workouts. Plus time to and from THE gym, and memberships. Now we have the Hybrid of Hybrids in fitness for your complete body Www.HybridWeightWalk.Com Only 1 to 10 minutes Ready when you are. Have it at Home, The Office, Or its mobile take it with you. Its really fun, motivating, its under 10 minutes, you can do like 1 minute if rushed or best 400 steps, 4 city blocks, under 10 minutes. Play your favorite music for motivation. See Blaine's body 4 inch Triceps, 3 inch back lats, 7 inch calfs in videos.

You can just maintain yourself, lose weight, or build like Blaine.

5 ) ALL rise to better body fitness for longer projected lives.

NOTE - LOSE MORE WEIGHT WITH Toned up MAINTAINED body muscles, THEY burn more calories EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP, thus lose weight, IT lowers cholesterol a major problem in heart problems. PLUS as per The Supreme Court of the United States ruled high blood pressure is a correctable situation with fitness, and exercise. Being fat, overweight your get shorter lives, YOU ARE heart attack PRONE, and many other problems. You do not live as long as normal weighted people. So DO Www.HybridWeightedWalk.Com for security, defense for your body against a lot of sickness and heart problems. PLUS LOOK BETTER NAKED, HAVE MORE ENERGY. Prepare your body for longer lives. DO IT.

NOTE - Picture Your results in the obituary page. The bodies are iffeeee. not allright. A lot of room for improvement in the bodies to get full potential as humans. Picture them the way they died, and them WITH toned, firmed up in muscles. WHO DO YOU PREDICT LIVES LONGER ? We understand you really want it, better fitness, lo lose weight, making New Years Resolutions to lose weight, drinking diet pops, spending time on diets, counting calories. Your metabolism, OR using of calories is not as high as it was when they did  MORE things manually. Firmed up, maintained muscles use more calories even while you sleep. Then The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT RULED HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE A CORRECTABLE SITUATION WITH DIET AND FITNESS. PLUS exercise, reduces chorlesterol, another heart big problem. Fatness is a disease by the American Medical Association now, FAT YOU ARE HEART ATTACK PRONE.
Really you are poor, short, soo busted , broken physically. IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE WITH AS SMART AS YOU ARE IN THE BRAIN. With all your accomplishments, like jobs, careers, family, titles, kids, MONEY, THINGS LIKE HOUSES,  BUT YOUR PHYSICAL BODY.( Your house you live in your body )  IS ARE WEAKEST LINK, STOPPING US FROM LONGER LIVES,. Sickness, and Illness, mostly preventable heart problems, and muscle weakened atrophy is winning.

NOTE - A lot are like genius people, BUT NOT GENIUS IN THEIR BODY FOR LONGEVITY, Whats robbing your muscle power as seniors, Why are you fat when you get a shorter life. Really short, poor physically for longevity

  6 ) You are not prepared physicslly in your bodies for longevity, Here on earth  now  WHAT EVER YOU BELIEVE IN. As smart longevity seeking humans, or if GOD AND JESUS CAME BACK, Probably half would have a heart attack just seeing them, Nor have you maintained your bodies like temple buildings as he said in JOHN 2:21  PEOPLE NEED TO SAY, Father I have sinned not maintaining your bodies like building temples. Don't go to hell physically, result not live to 120 years like GOD SAID , or get many health problems. SEE This world can do most all, build great buildings, cars, But we cant maintain our bodies,, fastly, efficiently in 1 to 10 minutes a day to promote longer healthier lives.

If that's all it takes for all of your body fitness needs,


 7 )  PLUS as it looks we will be going to space in shuttles. PEOPLE CAN PAY, BOOK Flights TO  SPACE WITH LIKE 3 COMPANYS. Plus NASA SAYS IT IS READY TO SET UP COLONYS ON PLANETS IN PLASTIC DOMES. but most wouldn't be able to go with all the muscle atrophy weakness, and fatness you have. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

    What happens to your desire when a way comes which is 3 to 7 times faster  and gives you everything you want and need for your body. You WANT IT.That saves you a lot of Time, worth a lot of money, Plus you stay mo You need to govern your muscle weakened atrophy, and your fatness obesity better as smart as you are in all other subject. What are you looking for ? Longer lives, Our weakest link muscle weakened atrophy, fatness obesity stopping us. All rise to better physical bodies for longer lifetivated because not much time involved, Plus it's mobile DO IT AT Home, The Office, or Take It when you travel. Then The World will be able to fie, rehabilitee heal their prevent, much of our problems in our bodies. SEE IT.

Video's with BLAINE, He has 4 inch Triceps, 3 inch back lats, 7 inch calfs,

SEE the rest in videos. You can do lighter weights people.Its time we prepared our bodies for longevity and  lose weight, and more energy in our lives.

Blaine is 57 years old. He is entered in the 2014 SENIOR OLIMPICS, But you don't have to wait TO HAVE WWW.HYBRIDWEIHTWALK.COM HELP YOUR PRECIOUS BODY.

3 different days  with different holds. All days under 10 minutes, 400 steps or less 4 blocks. YOU CAN DO THIS. Blaine walks and holds 180 pounds. You  can do lighter weights. YOU CAN DO THIS. DO IT.

DAY 1 Like the patent The Handel is in front of you by your chest, then extend hands outward, then one handed , then other arm, other shoulder 4 holds 60 steps per hold. For motivation you can say. I am not letting 666 get me out of fitness . DONE UNDER  10 MINUTES.

DAY 2 Put the strap on parts of your face forehead, upper lip, upper chin to tone up your great face, head and neck. 20 steps per hold. DONE UNDER 10 MINUTES

DAY 3. 60 steps walking with arms extended in front of you like you are carring your wife over the threshold, over hand hold for your chest, then like arm wrestling then standard briefcase hold. DONE UNDER 10 MINUTES. Days when Blaine is rushed he only does 1st hold , so done in like 1 minute.


Some people think this is stupid, crazy. BUT think of this 80 % percent of the people said THE WRIGHT BROTHERS were crazy they will never fly. NOW LOOK AT THE PLANE. Where would we be without the plane ? Look what happened to the plane. 80 % percent of you said that EDISON WAS CRAZY He will never light up NEW YORK with power. He did. COCA COLA STARTED IN BASEMENT, HP Printers started in garage. LOOK AT THOSE WHO STARTED SMALL Like US WWW.HYBRIDWEIGHTWALK.COM The humans best future. Good or bad whatever you do in life, wherever you are from.  HybridWeightWalk Makes you feel so good. Like overcome most all. Look better naked, lose weight.

You need to try it yourself. We give a 111 days money back. The video says 60 dyas, but it is increased to 111 dyas almost 4 months money back. That's another first for longest money back refund. BeCause the results in less time is number 1 so 111 day money back refund.

Do it, When you feel like it, or when you need it, or when you got the time.

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   Blaine  Here are 3 pictures of Blaine, His strong firm back, his 7 inch calfs all one muscle, and Blaine. Great Looking Back, and Blaine posing with a shirt on with a tear in it so he stays cooler.

You can tone, firm yourself at lighter weights plus lose weight.COME ON WE UNDERSTAND YOU WANT, AND NEED IT FOR LONGER LIFE.

You most are out there judging people, calling homeless, or watching so much for terriosts.




BUY ONE TODAY. Www.HybridWeightWalk.Com 1 to 10 minutes maximum

What Time is it ? It is time to live to older ages, and we need in better condition physicl bodies to do it. 

You can  invest 1 to 10 minutes a dy maximum for your precious cargo, your human body. Care for it JUST DO IT WWW.HybridWeihhtWalk.Com

Time to update, upgrade , renew, the condition of your body, you, your most precious asset. Time to get longer old age in time, and healthier lives with a stronger immune system, avoiding many sicknesses, and illnesses being in condition with Www.HybridWeightWalk.Com  It's only 1 to 10 minutes maximum. Plus lose that weight you want too, look better naked, have more stamina,  greatly increase predicted longevity.

Listen up, you like security, defense, So arm you body with being fit, TONED, FIRMED UP MUSCLES in good condition,  Thus giving you a stronger immune  system, look better naked, oh yeah, more pep, most will live longer. Not the seniors bodies with limited mobility we have now.If you believe in the Bible Read the page on what God said. John 2.21 Your body is your temple maintain it like a Temple. and live to 120 years old. One person has done it in modern history. We are lacking muscle maintenance.  LOSE WEIGHT TOO. FIRMED UP MUSCLES LOWER CHORLESTROL, INCREASE YOUR USING  OF CALORIES, METABOLISM EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP. 

Think Think of bodies they had when people lived older ages.FIRMED UP Muscles You don't have too weightlift You can do 1 to 10 minute max HybridWeightedWalk.Com We can do it, that again. But we need maintained muscles. You don't have to weightlift, YOU CAN HybridWeightedWalk faster,easier,best.

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